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You don't have to have something go wrong to call us for towing services. If you want to clear up some space, give us a call to tow away your junk cars. We offer affordable towing for your junk vehicles.

The safest way to tow your vehicles

Flat beds are the safest option when towing away disabled vehicles of any kind. Flatbed trucks minimize any wear-and-tear on your vehicles as they are transported to your destination. Consider flatbed towing, especially if you want to be extra careful with your luxury car or trucks.


Because flatbed towing is such a safe alternative, some manufacturers even require it. They will specify that some makes and models should only be towed by a flatbed truck. Sometimes, the best choice is to get your vehicle off the road is the flatbed option.

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We also offer flatbed towing to tow away your disabled vehicles. It's a safer way to transport your car and it comes at

a great price.


Vehicles used with flatbed towing

We can even tow your old junk cars

Remember to have your location, address of destination, model and color of car, and what is wrong with your car

when you call.